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Paradise in the Woods (by Nobby)

"Now I can hear other sounds. We are surrounded by whistles, calls, and woodland rustling. Birds. My ears are full of the faint rhythm of wood fowl settling down for the night. I can see larks, swallows and waxwings. Bullfinches too, flashing their black and red plumage and white rumps as they fly away, chasing seeds that remain here, in these unburned woods. Close-at-hand, a robin twitters on a low branch, and listens for another that answers from beyond the farmhouse.” -- Sinful Folk

mama bear's always watching | nature and beauty :)

Leaf tailed Gecko --looks like a dragon

The fossa is native only to the island nation of Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa.

It's a pangolin, from Southeast Asia and parts of Africa. And it's beautiful.