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9 Amazing #Birthday #Nails to try. Click for more info.

Good Ideas For You | Tonight Ladies and Gentlemen roll the dice ...

Christmas Sweater inspired nails.

Loved this with text, but maps are even more fun! 1.paint your nails white/cream 2.soak nails in alcohol for five minutes 3. press nails to map and hold 4. paint with clear nail polish immediately after. You can do it with scrapbook paper too! such a great idea, and a lot easier and less time consuming than most nail art out there!

Directions: 1. Pick a base nail polish color. 2. Pick any color(s) you would like to use for the circles. 3. Dip a straw in the colored nail polish and use as a stamp onto your nails. 4. Apply topcoat. 5. Voila!