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I Think She Got Her Instructions All Messed Up

I Think She Got Her Instructions All Messed Up

expectation vs. reality

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This girl knows how to live her life.

Fan grabbin' some ass during a recent ballgame...

It's under control. I shouldn't laughed as hard as I did on this

Funny Pictures: 18 Crazy LOL WTFs | Team Jimmy Joe

funny dogs I do not think its just dogs, LOL, I think I look like the bottom one, in fact I know I do when sleeping!

Oh, Jennifer Lawrence…love her.

Oh, Jennifer Lawrence…

tee hee

I have had enough of this rubbish good day

If you start a relationship being the other woman, you will never be the only woman. (here you go slut face)

Yes Ma'am, I am filing your complaint now under Oh my God, grow up you frickin petty bitch & shove this b.s. where the sun don't shine.

I need a time-out! Please send me to the beach and don't let me come back until my attitude changes!!

Funny Breakup Ecard: I wish this was your left nut.

Hahaha. Yes. And true.

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