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Michelle DePew

Michelle DePew

I'm a photographer from St. Louis, using this website at my shitty desk job to occupy my time. That is all.

Joe Manganiello -- the epitome of manly.

norman reedus

Giant’s causeway Northern Ireland = Been there done that

doughnut cupcakes- seriously, I think we're going to die from these, but what a way to go.

Chameleon eye

npr: from Wil Wheaton's tumblr

A giant devil's flower mantis

Malaysian orchid mantis and it's beautiful camaflouge

Panther Chameleon.

Panther Chameleon - Wild Arena Macro Day (by wendysalisbury)

Panther chameleon

Fabulous shot of a Panther Chameleon

Furcifer pardalis, Panther Chameleon by Michael Kern-looking forward to watching my two males color up as they get older

Panther Chameleon by Thor Hakonsen