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Adding some sage to the herb garden

  • Andrea Mulder

    So good to see children involved in this.

  • Shayna Ortolani

    Hello Mrs. Obama. I can't tell you how glad I am over the fact that your husband gets to have 4 more years as president! He will always be the best polotician ever! Most poloticians are geeks and don't know what they're talking about. He never makes me feel worried. I'll never forget the day when he sunk Mitt Romney's battleship. You have the right to laugh yourself to tears! Thank you for taking away everyday dessert. There will now be a less higher risk of food extreme food fights. FOLLOW ME! You should especially follow my board about Mitt Romney being a geek. Tell your husband that I said he is the greates influence I have ever heard. And if possible you absolutly must show him my Mitt Romney being a geek board. You must! Love Shayna from the state of Utah.

  • Shayna Ortolani

    P.S. You are the permanent first lady. You are becoming the coolest person in the U.S. there's no way you could no longer be the first lady. You rock! :)

  • Kristin N

    Now that the President has sided with Monsanto, we'll all need to grow our own food, if we can get non-GMO seeds.

  • Social Publishers News AJ

    Any tree that is often planted Around the White House, I'd love to emulate crops planted from Around the White House.

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Bo's a good dog

  • Iris Gross

    @Must love: They've been in office less than 4 years, Senator Kennedy gave him to the Obamas 6 months before he died in 2009, please do the math. Bo is 3.

  • Maile

    He's actually 4 from another pin by the first lady

  • Katherine Nagler

    I have a Hungarian Water Dog and everyone always asks me if she is related to Bo's breed!! What a creature!! : )

  • We Love Dogs ♥ Guide Dogs Worldwide ♥

    Congratulations to the First Dog for securing another four years in that huge white kennel on Pennsylvania Avenue

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Visitors are always welcome—and hugs are complimentary

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The veggies taste even better when you grow them yourself. –mo

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Jimmy was a gracious loser! –mo

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The First Lady gets moving with The Biggest Loser

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