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We are grateful for each and every one of you.

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Surrounded by a few of my favorite people watching Joe and Barack speak at the Democratic National Convention. –mo

  • Brandi Hofmann

    The girls are getting so big!

  • Charleston

    My goodness Malia and Sasha have grown over the past 4 years. Are you sprinkling fertilizer on their food. They are soooooo beautiful. Such a lovely family. Grandmama Obama (love calling her that) look like First Lady's sister.

  • Maggie Lamarre

    oh my I luv luv luv it :) Thank you for all you do :)

  • Neat Dream Spaces Home Organizing

    Many blessings to you, The President, and family.

  • Harper Barbour

    Was it fun being on ICarly??Im 10...just wondering

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It’s a big 4th birthday for Bo! He’s getting some extra treats today. –mo

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Casting our ballots for Barack in 2008 was such a special moment for our family. The girls were so proud of their dad. –mo #kidsvote

  • Rachel Rott

    Same here, Lady Clare. I just heard that our mail-in ballots were sent out yesterday in CA, so I'm looking forward to voting again, for the last time, for President Obama.

  • Kathie S

    Four more years!

  • Whitney Rae

    We mailed our Absentee Ballots out last week--my husband and I are both proud to support President Obama.

  • Angela Brown


  • Carol Heigh

    am a proud Obama supporter- have seen him speak twice in Seattle and both times were thrilling.

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Barack and Michelle on their 20 years of marriage. OFA.BO/fLwT9v

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Happy 20th anniversary, Barack. Thank you for being an incredible partner, friend, and father every day. I love you! –mo

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The First Lady’s brother, Craig, shares memories from the 2004 Democratic convention—and reflects on how far we’ve come.

  • Mella Gregg

    I'm just proud of our President

  • Mad Beautiful

    I'm always praying and sending Blessings to our First Family. I support you in everything that you do, Michelle!

Date night.

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Powerful motivation: our children’s futures. Add your name as a Parent for Obama today. OFA.BO/32WSej

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Game time with good company

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Time to get going: Today’s your last chance to share a meal with the First Couple. Your airfare's covered: OFA.BO/p3CUXJ

  • Iris Gross

    Great couple. Love these guys so much Crazy how grey the president has gotten in such a short time. That job wears you out! That said, I hope we keep you a little while longer!!

  • Kate Williams

    Love this family

  • Katrien O

    4 MORE YEARS !!!!!! Congratuliations from Belgium!!!!!!

  • Mad Beautiful

    We need to see more of you & your family's positive example in the world today. Thank you!

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I’m fortunate to have had two great fathers in my life. My husband and my dad, Fraser Robinson. –mo

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Victories of every size are cause for celebration. –mo

  • Michelle Darrisaw

    Happy Father's Day!

  • peter Camara

    victory is sweet

  • Two By Two Travel

    Nice to see you get a chance to have some fun - Pinterest is a wonderful way to share photos..mine are about beautiful places I have traveled and want to travel. would love to see you post photos of places you have been.

  • Barbara Buszta

    Our country will have a lot to celebrate for the next 4 years. Getting to start my "Obama" board. Love to you all.

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We are dad’s biggest fans, each and every day. –mo

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Barack knows his basketball – and he makes a great coach for our daughters. –mo

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The list of life skills passed along includes many things, even skipping rocks. –mo

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With everything that he has on his plate, Barack always makes time for our daughters.  –mo

  • Mad Beautiful

    I echo Angela S: Amazing father, amazing President, amazing MAN!

  • Jacqueline Butler

    That's what I love about your family......its family. The way it should be. Greatest example of all time. Loveit and love you too.

  • Andrea Mulder

    Such a lovely and spontaneous photo!

  • Mary Hall

    Love and respect your family. Thank you for all you do.

  • Cassidy Blackwell

    Thank you for being our President.keep up the good work.

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