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Easter week.....a scripture and picture for each day leading up to Easter. Link didn't take you directly there. will.

HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS EXISTED? Follow the link to access a database on with tons of cute quote handouts. They're organized by speaker! Don't forget to check out page 2 as well, it to me a while to realize that there was a second page! ♥

Art Projects for Kids: Modigliani Style Portrait

Marker reflections. Draw the top half with marker, spray with water, and fold and press to transfer the image.

Here's the best part of Youth Change's books all in one place. It's just the lesson handouts that everyone loves the most. You can reproduce these dynamic, problem-stopping printables that are designed to give you the new methods you need for bad attitudes, mouthiness, distracted students, kids with ADD, kids with Asperger's, and students who are not working up to their potential academically. See more here and grab Free sample handouts:

Make your own Egyptian collar with a paper plate. Great art project!

Life.Design. and the Pursuit of Craftiness: YW Lesson: The Spirit of Christmas

Majestic 3-D Landscapes Lesson Plan - Crayola OFFICIAL Site - good for introducing back ground, middle and foreground as a concept,

Pigeon Presents! How to draw the pigeon, coloring sheets, etc.

Articles of Faith Punch Cards & so many more helpful ideas to teach children the gospel!!! :) great blog!

great idea to pass out scripture/reading assignments for teaching.

Repeat the question, Wait, Ask them to be ready to share, have them share with a neighbor, have them make a choice and explain themselves, Give your own answer to the question, Don't make them play guessing games, allow them to chose a question to answer...

Art Projects for Kids: 3D Paper Mache Letter

Awesome scripture study program for kids age 4-10 ish

Art Center Art. Fun art project for all family members!

3rd grade.. perspective and movement

My Primary Scripture Journal 2013 - This scripture journal uses the monthly themes for the 2013 Primary Ouline for Sharing Time. Help your children gain a testimony of the restored gospel through reading, pondering and recording their thoughts. Each page has the monthly theme, the monthly scripture, a journaling question and a personal challenge.

Emma Watson on what's sexy.

Tree of Life project. Have students draw a ring for each year of their life and then write and illustrate events from that year inside each ring.

Article: How To Respond To A Disrespectful Student- "When confronted with disrespect, it’s easy to take it personally. This is a normal reaction from a passionate teacher. But it’s a colossal mistake."