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Michelle in Training MiT

Michelle in Training MiT

Transforming promising high school girls into the next generation of leaders.

I want to be able to help Washington D.C vote to count in Congress, being that Washington D.C is not counted as a state.

Being able to help different organizations (financially)

laying back in my chair like a BOSS!!!

I want to be able to express my free opinion

helping students all over the country get a better education

a teacher instructing students on a field trip

Priscilla will be rearranging her shoes

Giving speeches in reference to helping our economy get better

Communicating with other Congress women

I also want to go to Clark Atlanta

I want to be able to feel as though I own my own house and be able to do what I want i my household.

I want to be able to own my own car.(pink cadillac escalde)

Creating cosmetics to make people more beautiful.