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Varied chickens (living and non living). I can hardly wait to get some on the farm. Fresh eggs/meat from chemical free, free range hens taste the best. Heritage chicken breeds are my favorite.

GORGEOUS feather patterns on the Barnevelder. These chickens lay dark reddish brown eggs.

Pastured chickens also have seven times the amount of Beta Carotene, two-thirds more Vitamins A, three times the Vitamin E, and two times the Omega 3s.

Orpingtons have laid back personalities and are very docile. They are great foragers and do well in confinement. Orpingtons are very nice looking birds make great affectionate pets. Due to their timid nature Orpington chicks tend to be on the bottom of the pecking order when raised with other breeds.

Brahmas - Brown Eggs. Fluffy looking. Good egg-hatchers - can hatch others eggs. Good meat birds. Feet are feathered, come in several colors and combos. Withstand cold well. Calm & easy to handle.

Golden Laced Wyandotte