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More like this: nursing, ewok and gangnam style.

This is probably my favorite pin ever. I love my Daddy!

What did I just read-seriously, what?! Hahaha

hahah there are days i feel like this at work..usually around 4:30 and I still have 3 hours left at work

Kids are strange


I can't stop laughing at this.

Nursing - a profession where 'rolling fatties' means something entirely different ...

Let the good times roll....

A Brief Guide To Disney Heroines :)

  • Julia Naumowicz

    Eilonwy. She was an actual princess. I guess I should just be grateful she was included in a Disney reference at all...

  • Adyson DeCocq

    That one girl with white hair is off if Atlantis but I forgot her name

The Boob Washer - Here we have a strange gizmo for women, who for some reason incomprehensible for the rest of us, wanted to wash their breasts without the inconvenience of washing the rest of the body.

Phoebe: This is my husband Crap Bag. Rita: Crap Bag? - Mike: If you need an easy way to remember it, just think of a bag of crap.


If Disney Princesses had Instagram…hahaha

this shouldnt be funny..but it just is! haha