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Binder Clip = Phone Charger Holder

Team Imhoff: {Office Clip + Phone Charger}
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How Women See The World Around Them...

This is one of the earliest known photographs of a human. A self portrait taken in 1839, it shows a young Robert Cornelius (1809-1893) standing outside his family’s lamp-making shop in Philadelphia. Cornelius was an American of Dutch descent whose knowledge of metallurgical chemistry was to help in perfecting the process of silver-plating, then employed in the production of daguerreotypes. It had previously been assumed that the time necessary for a photograph to be exposed was simply too long for portaiture to be considered. But, by making this striking image, Cornelius proved the concensus wrong and then went on to develop a chemical means of accelerating the process. Source: virtualvictorian

Liv Tyler as Arwen custom doll noeling.deviantar...

Liv Tyler as Arwen custom doll by noeling on deviantART

Cate Blanchett, Galadriel doll noeling.deviantar...

Cate Blanchett, Galadriel doll by noeling on deviantART

Keira Knightley Repaint Doll noeling.deviantar...

Keira Knightley Repaint Doll by noeling on deviantART

Wash and dry jars and layer the bottom with the greenery of your choice, and then add a handful or two of cranberries. Pour water into the jar, causing the cranberries to float to the top. Insert a floating candle.

Christmas Decorating with Kitchen Items

Such a smart idea for filling up something that doesn't fit in the sink..

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shoe idea. Rocks would travel, but might be worth it!