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Mikaela Madsen Pronk

Mikaela Madsen Pronk

graphic designer. artist. seamstress. blogger.

older and wisor: 52 Young Women's Mutual Activity Ideas (that's a whole year, baby!)

Your Spiritual Sword - Personal Revelation D&C 9- seriously listen to this! It is so helpful in teaching about personal revelation

10 of the Most Indispensable LDS Talks Ever Given - good list, even more in the comments

“The gift of the Holy Ghost inspires virtue, kindness, goodness, tenderness, gentleness, and charity. It develops beauty of person, [and] tends to health, and social feeling. It invigorates all the faculties. It strengthens, and is, as it were, joy to the heart, light to the eyes, music to the ears, and life to the whole being.” –Parley P. Pratt … Enjoy Sister Burton’s article

FANTASTIC - One year of dinner table devotions - 365 opportunities to grow closer to God as a family. by Nancy Guthrie

How to make brownies in mason jars and how to SEAL THEM! (Once sealed, they have a shelf-life of up to a YEAR!)

Use a paper CD cover, stamp and decorate the sleeve with birthday stuff. Insert a big cookie....the size of a CD.

UK-based fashion illustrator and designer T.S. Abe created this fantastic animated self-portrait from a series 15 individual graphite drawings.

The Lesson of the Spoon Video - When we turn ourselves inward, getting wrapped up in our own worries and our own concerns, our life can become distorted, as upside down as our reflection in the spoon. We can correct this the same way we correct our reflection in the spoon—by turning to face outward. When we turn toward others, taking interest in their lives and serving those in need, life is right side up, as it should be.

Make these great pumpkins out of old sweaters.

Penguin Drop Caps Series /// Jessica Hische