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Winning Edge Tall Bearded Iris

Winning Edge Tall Bearded Iris


Wonder Nice Photozz: Dianthus

Fuschia. We always get a few hummingbirds flitting back and forth between ours!

Japanese Orchids. If these smell good... these could quite possibly be my new favourite flower! :D

Monkey orchids! Yes, they're real flowers. For even stranger looking flowers look on my board, " U wanna laugh thru my wackado garden¿?¿"

Fushia- got a hanging basket of these today, no bloomed yet. When they do, humming birds LOVE these! Can't wait!- K

Whoa is the only word I had after I saw this amazing flower. I wonder what it smells like...

Opening lotus flower, photo by Charles Sloger. As the bud opens, liberating the beauty of the flower, the openess and beauty of the true nature of your mind will also be unveiled through meditation.

Unusual flowering tree/bush .. I couldn't find out what this beauty is...if you know, please let me know!

Sparaxis flowers or Harlequin Flowers- There are thousands of these in my yard and I can't get rid of them.

Euphorbia. (I love the unusualness of green flowers!)

Dendrobium sulcatum (The Furrowed Lip Dendrobium)

Ginger Flower, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden by Pedro Lastra on Flirck