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Unit Fractions Puzzle

Unit Fractions Puzzle | Spoonful

Timez Attack is, IMHO, the best tool out there for learning times tables. Read my review here.

Dots And Boxes - my whole family started enthusiastically playing this game while I was writing it up!

Paris Word Search

Put the numbers 1 to 8 in the grid, so that consecutive numbers are not next to each other - horizontally, vertically or diagonally!

I modified my Polyhedral Nets applet to print out a template for a Soccer Ball Party Basket.

Soccer Ball Party Baskets | Spoonful

Kitchen Math: A Baking Session Math Lesson

Count The Mickeys Puzzle 3 - how many Mickey Mouse faces can you place, only using each circle at most once?

Count The Mickeys Puzzle 3 | Spoonful

If you can only use each circle once, how many Mickey Mouse faces can you make on this grid?

Kitchen Math - Making Sherbet

Kitchen Math: Making Sherbet | Spoonful