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Hannah Short: hannahs chocolate lava cake glaze over teds matte black

RICE GLAZE: ∆5 RED Magnesium Carbonate 25% Nepheline Syenite 70% Kentucky Ball Clay 5% + Superpax 0.5% ☆ Clay body: Siliver stone It looks like rice so I named rice glaze. :D

V.C. Matte cone 6 40.0 Nepheline Syenite 8.0 Whiting 14.0 Silica 10.0 Kaolin 10.0 Gerstley Borate 8.0 Lithium Carbonate ________ 10% Titanium Dioxide

Clay Club: May 2009

Fantastic industrial-style decoration

keramik kunst schweiz - schweizer kuenstler - galerien keramik

keramik kunst schweiz - schweizer kuenstler - galerien keramik

judith duff.

Judith Duff pottery at MudFire Gallery

How to build a functioning wood-fired pottery kiln (this one is so cute, like a beehive !)

Peter's Pottery: My Woodfired Kilns, all 7.

nobue ibaraki ceramics

ceramics on Pinterest

● Nobue Ibaraki ceramics ● simplicity of glaze with form and function

NEWS - nipponcrafts Jimdoページ

Mark Chatterley - Mark Chatterley - Artist-Info