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Waiting for a mad man with a box

A collection of general geekery that I love. Primarily consists of Doctor Who :)

The World’s Top 10 Amazing TARDIS Inspired Furniture

Doctor Who. This was me...and now I do that all the time...and I'm pretty sure that's what my face looks like too

But do I pin this to my book board or my Doctor Who board? What the heck; I'll pin it to both.

Circular Gallifreyan Word. $2.00, via Etsy. This would be a great tattoo!

Doctor Who Scarf, Season 12 in DK

Yes. They nailed it. This is why I love Matt Smith and will miss him so much.

"I mean, a specific one, I didn't just wake up this morning with a craving."

This is why Barty Crouch Jr looks like the Doctor and is "evil" does that make Death Eaters Time Lords? - Headcannon accepted

Doctor Who | Aliens & Villains by CLMdesign

And with that, we are done.

Parenting: you're doing it RIGHT! This is SO awesome!