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Michelle always told me...we were the kind of best friends that could come in and change the thermostat in each others house. She was right. ♥

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Seriously... No one wants to see that..wear a shirt that covers your butt for the love of god!!!!

  • Shannon Carroll

    They kinda are pants..... Jus sayin

  • Jaime Green

    if the leggings arent see thru then they cover just as much as a pair of jeans. and if you have a decent size body then it shouldnt matter. as for the people who dont like to see it then there is a simple solution... DONT LOOK AT IT.

  • Melissa

    Lol.... cray cray!!!! Leggings are great . If worn right! No camel toes, and see thru cracks! Have some respect ladies and leave something to the imagination.... wear leggings tastefully. Xo luv ya :-)

  • Laura Evangeline

    Amen! Put some pants on!

  • deborah allen

    Every time I see someones underwear through their leggings I want to tell them this!

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  • Hell Ride

    The same can be said when you look at it as "you never knew how pointless it was to be friends with someone until you go without talking them for a while"

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What do you mean I am not a "people"? You tell everyone that I'm your baby!