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Care Package Ideas

Ideas to send to our loved ones living overseas or across the country. Need some more help for a Deployment? Be sure to check out our Deployment Support board:

Trident Case wants to give one military-member (or family member) a free iPad or Samsung Galaxy Military Edition case. (Giveaway ends 4/1/2014)

Kuwait Deployment package #6 - Holy Care Package, Batman! .... This one was more expensive than the rest. I filled it up with Batman everything and topped it off with a card I knew would make him laugh. Love this one! ~~

Deployment care package. "Be healthy, be happy". Including: cough drops, QTips, Visine, Blistex, Energy Bars, hot/cold pack, icy hot, Kleenex, toothpaste, vitamins, Men's fitness magazine ~~

Items I've sent in deployment care packages! 12x12 flat rate boxes! Dvds have been a huge request from the guys! I shipped a cd case full of $5 Wal-Mart movie bin dvds since the cases take up so much room in a package! ~~

  • Melissa Pecore

    i want to send a care Package, can you send T-shirts and Shorts? or is that weird?

A Book for Dad - free printable - the perfect father's day gift. Perfect to put in a care package for Dad -

eighteen25: [free download] A Book for Dad

WANTED: Volunteers to make Paracord "Survival" Bracelets for Operation Gratitude care packages! Learn more here: opgrat.wordpress....

WANTED: Volunteers to Make Paracord "Survival" Bracelets

Great Resource for Military Deployment, Support, Empowerment, Education, PCS and so much more! Come follow along the military journey: (militaryavenue)

Valentines care package - Doesn't even have to be Valentine's Day ... Any day Care Package, love the string from state to country -

  • Lani Manu-White

    Great deployment care package♥♥♥♥

  • Jaylina Wagner

    How do you do this? Do you use a website? I want to send one to my boyfriend! This is sooo adorable! :)

  • Lani Manu-White

    No. I made one for my hubbs when he was deployed. I just measured card stock to the same exact size to the flaps and sides of the mailing box. Then I decorated each piece of cardstock the way I wanted to and glued it to the flaps and sides of box. If you do the string, you just have to make sure its long enough, so when he opens it, it wont prevent it from opening or pulling apart when opened. My husband loved it. He was so touched that I went thru so much work.

  • Lani Manu-White

    I used stickers, photos, and some scrapbooking materials to decorate.