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Make Baking Soda Clay

DIY: Air-drying clay Christmas ornaments

Baked Christmas ornaments can be made from an inedible dough (salt, baking soda, cornstarch, or applesauce and cinnamon), or from real sugar cookies or gingerbread. Use a chopstick to punch a hole in the top before baking, so you can put ribbon or string through it to hang.

Baking soda & cornstarch dough ornaments

UKKONOOA: Ihanaa valkoista taikinaa / Homemade modelling dough

you can paint them

christytomlinson: 2012 Twelve Artsy Ornaments of Christmas

Baking soda/cornstarch clay, cut with cookie cutters and oven-dried, painted and "piped" with squeeze bottle fabric paint.

Baking soda clay - great idea for kids!

Baking Soda Clay Handprint Keepsakes

hand drawn ornaments and tags

Fa-ti singur ornamente!

cute and simple with her homemade air dry clay tags and twine/string.