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I lost it at the sloths! So funny!

So we were in choir the other day and our choir director was telling us about how she had a dream that all her teeth fell out. It got really silent and then my crush goes "I had a dream that I was pregnant." So we all bust out laughing and then he goes on to explain that it was going to be a boy and in the dream he named him Elijah. So now we're all giving him cards and planning a baby shower :)

Do you ever start your period and think.. “well, that explains a lot”.. | Snarkecards

This is how i feel at work all the freaking time!!

I need one...

Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wife! He's Climbing In Your Chimney Snatching Your Christmas Up Christmas Sweater. Hilarious

This is the cutest thing!

Being asked if I want another drink is like being asked if I want money.