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Haha want a laugh check out these ridiculous toilets!

This toilet seat tells you how much weight that you just lost. WHAT?!

if this is true I'm packing my bags and moving to England.

Oh my gosh...this is hilarious

iPhone Scuba Case. Seriously??? Why would you need this?

  • Taylor Whitlock

    I mean it woul be like: hey what's up? : oh nothin much just scuba divin. Whats up with you?

  • Anna Marie

    see but thats when it gets funny because if it was someone like me, it would be like " oh dude there's a blow fish!!!!!!!!!1 let me go i gotta chase it!" lol

  • Taylor Whitlock

    You would do that lol

  • Anna Marie

    I know right.... haha but you would probalvly do it too, or get distracted by something else!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Taylor Whitlock

    If im going scuba diving I'm going to be looking at fish not my phone lol

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Don't get me wrong I love ketchup but seriously??