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Col. Samantha Carter - (Amanda Tapping) Sam Joined the Stargate program in 1996 and helped to build the dialing computer. Shen joined SG-1 on it's second mission to Abydos. From then on, she was valued member of the team and the SGC. She is the foremost expert on the gate and Gou'ald/Asgard technology. She has been the host to a Tok'ra, been tortured for what she knows, fought in numerous battles, blown up a sun, commanded Atlantis and the Hammond, and saved the world a lot.

Helen Magnus aka "Bullets and Leather Magnus" of Sanctuary played by Amanda Tapping. Helen is a 157 in the first episode and 273 by that last thanks to a 113 year trip back in time. She doesn't age, is a doctor of teratology and cryptozoology, has an enormous library in a Gothic mansion, her ex is Jack the Ripper, her best friend the half vampire Nikola Tesla, she knows how to shoot and can beat the crap out of Adam Worth aka Jekyll/Hyde.