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Buggy wheels, sulky wheels, horse shoes, machinery parts gate & fence - Peter Brooks Recycled Waste / JunK Art Mudgee Australia

1800 plastic water bottles that were collected at Stansted Airport in England. Haygarth cut off the bottom of each bottle and tossed them in a cement mixer filled with sand and water giving them the look of frosted glass. Gorgeous.

a chain link fence turned into art! The color comes from thousands of iridescent plexiglass squares inserted into the chainlink. Throughout the day, shifting light in the space paints a rainbow-colored mosaic on the walls.

Tubular, organic and colourful, fabric sculptures meander

Paul Oberst Cermonial Blanket, steel wire sculpture

Lorenzo Duran searches for fallen leaves and uses those he has carefully selected as canvases. Before he begins work on a leaf, he first carefully washes, dries, and molds it into a stable form. Then, with surgical precision, he cuts them with nature-inspired motifs. His technique is inspired by paper-cuts from China, Japan, Germany and Switzerland.