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The Cerebral Approach to Fitness

Do the second thing to make the first thing happen...

MindFirstFitness (v); The act of reasoning and understanding in exercise.

Know the difference. Exercise intelligently. www.mindfirstfitn...

New jobs. Relocation. Babies. We keep you fit through life-changing events... www.mindfirstfitn...

16 letters in MINDFIRSTFITNESS. 1 + 6 = 7 7 represents Perfection.

Plan your workouts to avoid boredom, reduce the risk of 'pattern overload' or injuries resulting from repetitive motion and hitting a plateau in your fitness progressions. Exercise intelligently.

Life. Style. Fitness.

Have a vision. Be patient. Stay the course.

Fitness. Philosophy. Life.

"We make you better at whatever you do." -MFF

Stay cool. Exercise intelligently.


It's hot. Exercise intelligently.

Cardio in Manhattan. Stretch before and after a run. Exercise intelligently.

Life. Style. Fitness.

Don't give up. Exercise intelligently.

Control your destiny. Exercise intelligently.

We don't train stars. We make them. www.mindfirstfitn...

"Block out the noise". Exercise intelligently.

Don't just sit there...:) Exercise intelligently.

One of our best client/athletes recently completed the legendary Spartan Race. Leading up to the event, we trained him specifically to enhance his core strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance and agility. Not only did he finish the course with relative ease, he looked good doing it. We are MINDFIRSTFITNESS.