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Teaching Writing

Interactive Grammar Organizers make a great lap book! Organizers may also be used in an interactive notebook.

Interactive Grammar Organizers

The artist has a couple of really beautiful examples on her deviant art page. This sounds really interesting. found poetry--GREAT use of all our discarded books for middle/high school English project

Anchor Charts for Writer's Process... I like the "What does it look like?"

More Smile Break powerpoints - a fun way to transition between lessons, settle in after play, give ourselves a break or fill in a few extra minutes before the end of the day

I teach my students to avoid "get" and "got" as their verbs-of-choice whenever possible in final drafts. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and here is my notebook page about that idea!

Always Write: A Writer's Notebook Lesson and Teacher Model!

FoldiFun Factory - NEW Foldable Type of Sentences

Grammar Comics Sentence Problems is finished! Grammar has always been a tough sell for students. Grammar Comics helps to alleviate the boredom many students feel when learning grammar by adding...