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These lidded baskets add eclectic colors to traditional shape.

Antique bonsai basket

Native American "Strawberry" basket. Nick Clark, president of the National Center for Great Lakes Native American Culture, has to say, "The Strawberry Basket is made for and given to new-born babies and it is a treasure kept through their entire life and taken with them to the Spirit World. A piece of their umbilical cord is kept in the basket along with other things of special meaning so the ancestors will recognize them when the arrive in the Spirit World.

Darryl & Karen Arawjo, basketmakers, Finely woven of clear or colored monofilament over hand split white oak and hickory,

A beautiful new basket created by Loretta Saraficio done in the traditional Tohono O'odham style with a modern flair.

A very large (3.5 ft tall) basket from Western Apache or Yavapai created about 1900 by an obviously very talented weaver.

Coiled medicine or wedding basket made to hold sacred objects with the design representing the origin story of the Dine' (more commonly Navajo).

Akimel O'odham use Devils Claw, willow and Bear grass. The maze is a common motif and depicts the journey through life with the center representing the dreams and goals of life.

A South African basket woven by Ilala Weavers

Apache basket from about 1900 that has aged beautifully and shows a master hand in the tight weave and even stitches.

Modern Tohono O'odham basket of yucca

Western Apache basket to store food

Rawandan basket with a great maze motif