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And then, for the ex-boyfriend: | Community Post: 47 GIFs For Any Trolling Scenario

Community Post: 47 GIFs For Any Trolling Scenario

'Oh yes, I just love it when customers hand me their dirty cell phone to talk to someone who is at home sick' said NO pharmacy tech ever!

'Yes, I work faster if you stare at me through the glass' said NO pharmacy tech ever!!

Day in the life of a Pharmacy Tech as Ami explains on

Medication...Sometimes the World Needs a Break From the Real You

'Yes, I would LOVE to ring up your basket of groceries' said NO pharmacy tech ever!!

Ain't nobody-Hey girl - Mrs Gosling's "Hey girl" funnies

Don't worry. Be happy. Keep learning.: I got a little time...

Pretty Little Liars

Your prescription isn't ready because you keep calling

Pharmacy : I love insurance (not)

Crazy RxMan: Funny Sunday Pharmacy Memes part 1

Same stuff, different day.

Lazy Pharmacist memes | quickmeme

"Hi, I'm just calling to check if you have 360 oxycodone 30mg in stock" Sure, hold on and I'll check.

"Yep you're absolutely right" "i want your address and DOB to stalk you and wish you a happy birthday!"

pharmacy memes - Google Search

LOL!!!!!!! I don't think anyone is going to get this besides me.

Clifford and my dog maybe have been talking...LMAO jk

Ever thought about that…

Hoping this flu season gets you just sick enough to fit into your skinny jeans.