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Rose’s beauty is in its looks;Jasmine’s is in its smell;Strawberry’s is in its taste.Your beauty is in your natural state,If “what you are”is different from “what you think you should be”then there is conflict.You can never behappy or in peace whenconflict exists.There is no right or wrong;good or bad.You are what you are.Accept who you are, the way you are.Once you accept it,you are in your natural state; the conflict disappears and inner joy,peace emerges. ~ Cosmic Swami via Steve Bhaerman

While today may have begun as many others…while all around you things may seem similar, normal,average; simply open your awareness to all that is around you; be curious to how you can embrace every moment just a little bit differently. All around you, every day, are new opportunities; some could be life changing. All that is required of you to receive them is a new point of view. Open your eyes to see, open your mind to understand and open your heart to embrace all that can be yours…

Awaken Your Inner Child

Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble. ~ Frank Tyger When someone hears you, really tries to understand you and cares what you are saying it is like a hug at the right time. It makes you feel that they care and want to understand. Listening to someone is one of the best gifts you can give them.