Such a cute idea - a bbq grill made out of watermelon, add fruit kabobs and you're all set.

vita nostra: Sweet and Sour Cucumber Dill Salad

Kidney Diet Tips on Phosphate Additives – Your Great Phosphorus Saver (G.P.S.) Guide

Updated: Online tools for the kidney diet

Foods for the Kidney according to Traditional Chinese Medicine #tcm #nutrition #acupuncture

Foods good for the kidneys

Top 15 healthy foods for people with kidney disease

Potassium-rich meals can lower the danger of high bloodstream pressure, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

Stage 3 CKD Creatinine 4.5: Deal with Swollen Ankles& Stomach Pains

Daily Consumption of Beetroot Juice Reduces Kidney Patient High Blood Pressure — KidneyBuzz

Tea can control High Blood Pressure, Preventing Cardiovascular Disease in CKD — KidneyBuzz

RICHARD : NEW RECIPE FOR YOU: Baked Chicken Breasts with Apples (delicious sauce!)

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