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Digital and traditional, ancient and modern, illustrations and tapestries... these are images that I consider art, and pieces that I return to again and again. I've tried to list the artist in the description, so if you like something I've posted, please search for more of that artist's work and support them!

The Ancient World | Sea creatures mosaic, 100 BCE, from Pompeii

'Fumee d’Ambre gris' by John Singer Sargent

Sumerian Statues by Unknown (2500 BC)

‘Waterlilies’ by Abbott H. Thayer

'Young Bohemian Serb' by Charles Landelle

'Stenka Razin' by Ivan Bilibin

'Portrait of a Girl with a Dove' by Charles Weed

'Nature Unveiling Herself to Science' by Ernest Barrias

'Cygnus Buccinator, Trumpeter Swan' by John James Audubon

'1001 Arabian Nights' by Anton Pieck

'Candida in Yellow' - Ignacio Zuloaga

'Hanakage' by Morimura Ray

'Winter Landscape' by Valerius de Saedeleer

'3000 Days' by Ikenaga Yasunari

'Dark Water' by Ikenaga Yasunari

"I'm sorry again for everything I've been" by Daniel Danger

"Or is it the dying little light of the soul" by Daniel Danger

'Unknown' by Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant

'Leila' by Sir Frank Dicksee

'Interior of a Harem' by Eugene Pierre Francois Giraud

'A Moorish Interior' by Rudolf Ernst