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Photograph courtesy NASA Johnson Space Center

マウントシャープ / 火星探査車キュリオシティ

<金星の太陽面通過>NASAが画像公開 太陽観測衛星が撮影

Aspecto de la Super Luna y la estatua del Cristo Redentor, en Río de Janeiro, Brasil, el 6 de mayo de 2012. REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes

Moon crosses in front of sun, creating a partial solar eclipse visible only from space. Image from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Looking Earths By Looking For Jupiters Data from NASA’s Kepler mission has been used by a team at Fermilab to look for Jupiter sized planets in other star systems. These planets can be discovered through measuring the brightness of a star. If a planet is detected through regular dimming of light intensity, then under certain conditions it can be determined whether the planet has any smaller, Earth-like planets. (Image credit: NASA)

Parallel Worlds I had to stop for a minute to really appreciate this. The Milky Way, the backbone of the night sky glows in a serene display of light, surrounded by constellations which span seemingly infinite distances. And as the icing on the cake there’s a the luminescent green and red of the aurora hovering in the upper atmosphere with a meteor flying to a fiery death 100km above the surface. (Image credit: Tommy Eliassen, )

モスクの背後に浮かび上がった月 =5日、ヨルダンの首都アンマン(ロイター)




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