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Space Science

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Space Science

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ニュース - 太陽のダブル・トラブル、SDO観測 - ナショナルジオグラフィック 公式日本語サイト(ナショジオ)

Photograph courtesy NASA Johnson Space Center

マウントシャープ / 火星探査車キュリオシティ

ライブドアニュース(livedoor ニュース)

<金星の太陽面通過>NASAが画像公開 太陽観測衛星が撮影

Aspecto de la Super Luna y la estatua del Cristo Redentor, en Río de Janeiro, Brasil, el 6 de mayo de 2012. REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes

Moon crosses in front of sun, creating a partial solar eclipse visible only from space. Image from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Milky way

Orion nebula

Looking Earths By Looking For Jupiters Data from NASA’s Kepler mission has been used by a team at Fermilab to look for Jupiter sized planets in other star systems. These planets can be discovered through measuring the brightness of a star. If a planet is detected through regular dimming of light intensity, then under certain conditions it can be determined whether the planet has any smaller, Earth-like planets. (Image credit: NASA)

Parallel Worlds I had to stop for a minute to really appreciate this. The Milky Way, the backbone of the night sky glows in a serene display of light, surrounded by constellations which span seemingly infinite distances. And as the icing on the cake there’s a the luminescent green and red of the aurora hovering in the upper atmosphere with a meteor flying to a fiery death 100km above the surface. (Image credit: Tommy Eliassen, )

The Carina nebula

Yikes... sun flares affect human consciousness (explains a lot)...

モスクの背後に浮かび上がった月 =5日、ヨルダンの首都アンマン(ロイター)




ページが見つかりません - MSN産経フォト



ページが見つかりません - MSN産経フォト



supermoon around the world

Thor's Helmet