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SCA - Coronets and Crowns

42 Pins

SCA - Coronets and Crowns

  • 42 Pins

Crown of Elisabeth of Bosnia (Elisabeta Kotromanić, 1339-1387).

Medieval Crown, Amiens Cathedral, France (14th c.; gold, semi-precious gemstones).

SCA coronets for a Baron and Baroness ~ This is a beautiful design!

Barony of Darkwater Coronet

Crafty Fox Custom Porfolio

The Rowan Berry Coronet - ideal height!

Allow me to introduce: The Rowan Berry Coronet

Funeral crown of the queen, Anna of Antioch - Found from the graves of Béla III (1172-96), via Flickr.

According to google translate: Chaplet, German, circa 1450.'s One of the oldest examples of this kind; in fine silver, circling the crown the word "faithful" is repeated four times, alternating with enamel roses. Was given on the occasion of a wedding. Nuremberg, Germany. National Museum

gioielli 1700 | La Zarina delle Collane

14th c. Amiens Cathedral France

Crown of the Golden Madonna. The Golden Madonna of Essen is ca. 980. In about 993, Emperor Otto III donated this crown, which is believed to have been his coronation crown, and does appear at any rate to have been made for a child originally, as it's quite small.

Elizabeth Kotromanic of Bosnia (c. 1339 - January 1387) was the daughter of Ban Stephen II of Bosnia who became queen of Hungary upon her marriage to Louis I, King of Hungary and Poland, in 1353. The Crown of Elizabeth Kotromanic of Bosnia in Zadar, was given by Louis I of Hungary to St. Simeon shrine in Zadar, Croatia.

The Iron Crown, different view showing the enameling detail.

Italian Queen Marie-Jose's Seed-Pearl tiara - She was the last Queen of Italy. Her thirty-five day reign as queen consort earned her the affectionate nickname the May Queen.

Colored Diamond Info - Index

The History of the Kingdom of The West -- Arts and Sciences Photos

Kingdom of Caid: Regalia

Bill Dawson - Metalsmith - SCA Regalia

Bill Dawson - Metalsmith - SCA Regalia

Baronial coronet. Brass & nickle silver. Pearl, azurite.

baronial coronet by www.dragonsjewels...

baronial coronet by www.dragonsjewels...

foldable baronial coronet by www.dragonsjewels...

foldable baronial coronet by www.dragonsjewels...

Crown of Emperor Heinrich II, 1270, Munich Residence, Treasury.

The Płock Diadem (Polish: Diadem płocki) was created in the beginning of the 13th century[1] probably in Hungary. This filigree diadem is wrought of extremely pure gold and set with sapphires, rubies and pearls