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Just sayin'

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Just sayin'

  • 307 Pins

No one has power over you unless you allow them to take your power.

Good to keep in mind :)

☀️ In solitude there is healing. Speak to your soul. Listen to your heart. Sometimes in the absence of noise, we finf the answers. Dodinsky ❤️

Nobody But Myself

"(S)urround yourself with positive thinkers...Choose people who make your day brighter simply by being around them. Find those whom you admire; you are proud to know; and who support, motivate, and encourage you to grow."

If They Only Bring You Misery

If it is detrimental to you emotionally, physically and spiritually… what choice do you have left but to let go and flourish with self-respect. — Dodinsky

Flourish With Self-Respect : Dodinsky

When it comes to kindness, nothing is ever small.

Nothing Is Ever Small : Dodinsky

Reacting in anger only gets me in trouble. I need to heed this!!

Positive quote: We are like the little branch that quivers during a storm, doubting our strength and forgetting we are the tree deeply rooted to withstand all life’s upheavals.

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true that. nurture in the tough times and exhilaration in the best times, until death do us part

The Good Vibe - Inspirational Picture Quotes

I dream ove leaving and never looking back...and that's who I am. --- Never look back. Run a parallel line with the railroad tracks.... #LoveAndTheftReference

Let the things go that makes you sad

The Daily Quotes


a happy girl: Sometimes

Exactly. So glad to be happy & stress free!

Motivational Monday: Quotes To Empower Your Week photo Audrey Kitching's photos - Buzznet

Things happen. You get up, pick yourself up and know you are still ok to keep moving forward. Praise the one who made you and keep worshiping in your failure and in your sucesses

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It's a good day


Yes I am!

Whenever I have been tempted to do what is easier vs what's best but in the end done the more difficult, this quote was the reason.

'Never Regret' Canvas Wall Art | zulily

Sometimes getting up and showered is the best thing you can do for yourself, no matter how useless it seems to be....

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