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DIY hair lightener Vodka Spritzer •2 parts seltzer •1 part vodka Vodka has a clear blue tone to it, so it lightens hair without it going orange. You can also clean out red brassy tones with this mixture Rum Fizz •2 parts seltzer •1 part rum This is how models in Brazil get caramel tones in their hair. They spray a little in their hair and go out in the sun without the hair turning brassy

All-Natural At Home Highlights

Brown Hair caramel highlights

Medium length brunette hair with a few highlights. #Hairstyles

Love her hair.... natural dark blonde underneath and natural sunlights added to the front and top of her hair.

♥ the color & style (Carmen Electra)

Carmen Electra Hairstyles - Haircuts And Hairstyles

I want my natural dark blonde hair back! This shade is close and my skin tone and eye color are like hers.

Carmen Electra Biography, Information

Miranda Kerr- Love her blue eyes with brown hair. Gorgeous.

Kate Upton - Beach Bunny LOLA Cruise 2012 Collection

Love this cozzie!

With a different flower and hair wrap, this would be a nice beach wedding hair style

dirty blonde hair beach waves - Google Search

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