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Travel as much as you can quote

This is so true in regards to how God specifically crafted us and molded us! I love how He uses our passions as unique individual ministries to share the Gospel and to evangelize!

Advice. The best advice I've ever gotten was said that I shouldn't be in a relationship with anyone whom I wouldn't marry, for it's a waste of time and takes you off the market. So don't worry about relationships. Build friendships. Spend time finding yourself.

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New Girl cast

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Sorry for the language but So true we waste our time on people that don't deserve to be in our lives. Time to let go of those people

I wonder why...OH YEAH..because Harry potter is sooooooo much better than twilight ;)

Depressing Quotes: Wise Quotes to deal with depression and anxiety

I deal with worrying and anxiety every day it's a battle idk if I'll ever over come but I pray to god a lot when I'm worrying and anxiety and pray to god everyday. I know he has everything under control and he's always there for me and I know this so why does my mind worry and have anxiety

Hence the reason I don't change who I am. Don't like me? Great. See ya!!! :)

Oh, how I hope so...