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Motherhood, Inc. What is this "vacation day" of which you speak?

Because once I hit that point, I'm over it

this is for you, mom. i see you're pinning tonight, too!

My anger will one day fade, I have a lot of hurt over many years and different girls saying the same thing. I can't change who I am or who you are, but I don't need you in my life if you never wanted me in yours, so goodbye. If we should ever cross paths again, know the reason why I will keep walking without a care. Remember what you did to the one person who had the most faith in you.

I am the best effing mom ever!!!!!

Roses are red, fuck this shit....I litterally laughed out loud

May have failed a few exams.. life sucks sometimes :( #dissapointingleparents

Fuck off, I love how you go around the obvious and only talk about shit you can kinda back up. Idc You started this BS not me. Like I said people who don't even know me know of me so who's talkin about who? I'm not talkin about you unless one of your so called friends which is like all of them email me out of the blue to bitch about you. LoL So just do what the post says.

fuck you you fuck • I have the perfect place for this! What do you think about hanging it on my front door?!

Yes... sometimes that magical combination of words creates just the right mix to truly convey my feelings. I dedicate this pin to all those lousy patients I deal with every day.