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Hipster Tattoos

Tattoos that don't suck.

by Lisa Orthr - this lace effect is stunning.

Alleged Tattoo, Seattle, WA

More cool tatts & other cool stuff too I grew up in a house surrounded by pine trees. you know, like a Calvin & Hobbes upbringing with a thicket and a creek. moving to New York, I knew that I’d have to give some of that up, but I think I was a little spoiled in my youth. I wanted a tree on my arm (a spruce at first, but aspens are my favorite. we kinda settled on an imaginary hybrid. if you are considering a tattoo in NY, go to Goose).

Sri Yantra Mandala ... "Man's spiritual journey from the stage of material existence to ultimate enlightenment is mapped on the Sri Yantra Mandala"

tumblr_lal2yrOIu51qerbdoo1_400.jpg (400×400)

FFFFOUND! | tumblr_lal2yrOIu51qerbdoo1_400.jpg (400×400)