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Asbestos - Miscellaneous

A list of some of the building materials that may contain asbestos.

Female worker handles asbestos fluff in an asbestos factory. (item 1)

Birmingham Alabama Daily Photo: Curtain Going Up!

Steel Worker wearing protecting clothes (asbestos) by Nationaal Archief, via Flickr

Asbestos Core Fire-Rated Door

Asbestos Core Fire-Rated Door

In this UWM laboratory, the sink, lab bench top, and center console top and front panels are stone or pressboard; however, the console vertical column supports and sink drain boards are asbestos transite.

George preps for an asbestos removal operation with Pinnacle & Local 78

How asbestos insulation board (AIB) might be used and what it looks like.

Even toilets can have asbestos in them! Thankfully the reinforced plastics and resins that the sanitary wear is made from are very unlikely to release their asbestos fibres even during cutting.

Sink pads are made of bitumen and are designed to deaden the noise of water hitting the metal sink unit.