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It's all about SCIENCE!!

Interactive Science Notebook - revolve and rotate. This would be awesome to get the students to demonstrate their understanding of the earth's rotation and revolution around the sun for their unit. MW

Teaching in an Organized Mess: Revolve and Rotate

Can you build a container out of paper to hold a specific amount of POPCORN? Great STEM Challenge!

STEM Engineering Challenge: Exploring Volume with Popcorn

Science Interactive Notebooks: Electrical Circuits

Teaching Science With Lynda: Electrical Circuits

Can you build a boat that will float and hold weight? GREAT STEM activity!

Teachers Are Terrific!: What is Going on in the Lab?

Water Cycle Foldable. need to use with 6th grade...notice how the book physically represents the water cycle...not just a worksheet

The Inspired Classroom: About to Start Weather

Sharpie Science-Multiple science labs with sharpies!

Pop Rocks Science - could be used in a lesson about physical reaction of a liquid and a solid and how it releases a gas

Beat the summer heat with an ice tower. This experiment provides a great way to teach children about the properties of solids and liquids.

Fun with frozen: making ice grow

Extremely engaging earth's layers and basic geology lesson, foldable, 16 slide PowerPoint, KWL chart (class starter and exit ticket), student note sheet, and video wrap up! This is an extremely popular lesson in my classroom! Students learn via creating and decorating a folding earth that functions as a mini book that describes the layers of the earth. Highly engaging, high level thinking activity / lab. Perfect for classrooms that utilize interactive notebooks.

Water Cycle Poem Freebie {Kidsrcute}

Water Cycle Poem Freebie {Kidsrcute}

The Science Penguin: Science Vocabulary Art Wall {Free and Editable}

Science Vocabulary Art Wall {Free and Editable}

Moon phases sorting activity

Store: Science-Cabana -

FREEBIE: Create your own model to show how the Earth orbits the Sun while the moon travels around the Earth

More Time 2 Teach: Earth’s Orbit Misconception