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Charlie Cameron

Charlie Cameron

I am eclectic at best, no other word for it!

Meant for each other

"We've all stood on the seashore of our life and wondered how in the world we were supposed to get to the other side. When you are up against the enormity of an impossible challenge, it means God is up to something even more incredible than you can imagine, and He's asking you to move ahead in faith even when it seems impossible"...

If you are the OTHER woman just remember that the way you got him is the way you are going to LOSE him.

  • Erica Magdon

    He's lied to his wife & his children. That's how he lied. I don't have to assume because you called yourself out! Again, you may want to look into why you settle for that life. Good luck with it & keep being such a great role model LOL

  • Gary Anderson

    Only going to comment on this once. Your spouse made a commitment to you, not the person they cheated with. `The person to be angry with is the person who made a promise to you.

  • April Miller

    LOL yep he lied and that's not my problem. I didn't call myself out. I know exactly what the hell is going on because I'm an intelligent adult who doesn't live in la la land. I'm having fun and no one knows. I don't "settle" for "that life" LOL as I am dating and looking to be serious with someone who IS available. he doesn't know but I will be ending it because um DUH married guys are a one way street and that's boring LOL not that you need to know about my personal life. p.s. I am a great role model. everyone has skeletons in their closet and this is one of mine that doesn't need to be shared or discussed around my family and friends only to little twits like you

  • Erica Magdon

    Yeah, I'm not the one whoring around with married men! Guess that makes mea twit,but it makes you a skank. You are gross & I feel sorry for you. I am done with this conversation...wouldn't want to waste anymore time on a nasty homewrecker like yourself....SMH

  • April Miller

    Lol I haven't wrecked any homes and remember when you call names it shows your lack of self esteem lol

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Every time you feel yourself getting drawn into other people's nonsense, repeat these words

"I didn't exactly leave that place on good terms." - The Knave of Hearts

"We're not late for something. We're late for someone." - The White Rabbit

"To be separated from your love would be a terrible fate."

"That's the thing about power, it can be so fleeting." - Jafar

"Mistress mine, My will is thine."