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How to Re-Grow Vegetables. Save Money on produce by re-growing what you've already bought!

How to Re-Grow Store Bought Vegetables

With these plans, you can easily build your own wind generator. Not a huge 200 Ft construction, but a nice, compact mill, that will generate at least 1,000 watts of power.

14 Steps Towards Living a Simpler Lifestyle. Some great ideas in this article to live the life you've always dreamed about!

14 Steps Towards Living a Simpler Lifestyle

The Butter-making Experiment. Have you made butter with your kids? It turns out that it's not that hard to do.

The Butter Experiment - TinkerLab

Wind turbine for your home. activelifeessenti...

The New NIMBY-Defeating Wind Turbine

Silent rooftop wind turbines could generate half of a household's energy needs, adding solar panels as well could take the home off the power grid.

Being able to replace all your motorized appliances with people power means a power outage won't ruin your day.

Dick van Hoff - mixer - 2003

31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again!! Make these products at home so you live chemical free and save tons of CASH!!! #frugalliving #frugalhome

31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again

{DIY} Greenhouse!

#BakingOutsidetheBox | Super easy and inexpensive. Bring your basil indoors and have fresh basil all winter.

Transplanting Basil Indoors - Baking Outside the Box

FROM SCRATCH - The Magazine for the Modern Homesteader | FROM SCRATCH Magazine free online magizine

FROM SCRATCH - The Magazine for the Modern Homesteader

10 Tips for October Gardening - A Healthy Life For Me #october #gardening #tips

10 Tips for October Gardening - A Healthy Life For Me

Winter Garden Prep: Mulch, Leaves, & Cover Crops |

Easy Winter Composting - a smart, time-saving method |

Easy Winter Composting - Empress of Dirt

Awesome tips on Finding and Buying a Homestead. Things you might never think of and expenses that must be considered!

Finding and Buying a Homestead – What You Need to Know!

Starting our home orchard - tips on stating and which varieties we chose | The Elliott Homestead

The Elliott Homestead -

Safely Handling Raw Milk (And Proper Milking Procedures For Doing So) | The Elliott Homestead

Growing fodder (sprouted barley) for animal feed. Cuts your spending on feed in half (at least)!

Growing fodder for the homestead

If you're planning on raising livestock (whether backyard suburban chickens or free range cattle) get the info you need to choose the best meat to raise re: ratio for food, shelter, length of time to table, etc. The infographic compares different livestock species.

Infographic: The Meat Makers - Hobby Farms

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The Best article I've read/seen on how to use animals (chickens/ducks/rabbits) to create eggs, compost, etc. it is a full circle of green living.

Raising Animals as Gardening Allies - Vegetable Gardener

Cow down with milk fever

I never realized the number of colors for carrots until I was looking at seed books - A Rainbow of Carrots - The wonderful thing about gardening is you get to have fun with what you grow, experiment with plants, find the seeds for vegetables you normally can't find in the grocery store and run with it. Carrots are extremely easy to grow vegetables.

A Rainbow of Carrots

Goat 101: Cow vs. Goat - The Prairie Homestead

Home Dairy 101: Cow vs. Goat

Normandy Cows........