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Things feline. Warning: contains kittens. And @daphnethecat.

This is the ultimate cat-on-Roomba video.

A familiar conversation with a cat

I think YouTube was probably invented for videos of cats. This one, of a cat having a go at a printer, is priceless

The original pattycake cats. Genius!

Brilliant video catching the existential ennui of a cat.

Hurray! A new Simon's Cat video!

The internet is made of cats. This is epic - and wait for the music to start!

Deadpan and I think unintentionally hilarious piece from Wired about how to keep your kit safe from your kitteh. What's funny is the extensive lengths the piece suggests going to - I think it recognises that cats are evil geniuses determined to get their paws on the best kit for global domination, starting with your computer

This is the Channel 4 News piece about Pinterest - look out for Daphne at 1'35"

This is brilliant. It's the kitten equivalent of lorem ipsum: instead of grey boxes as placeholders for images yet to come in a layout, use for images of kittens as placeholders. Genius.

"YES??? What is it?? Can't you see I'm BUSY????" This is kind of brainmeltingly recursive: it's Daphne, being filmed by Channel 4 News, for a piece about Pinterest. C4News tech reporter @Benjamin Cohen I think wanted to meet Daphne more than me. Watch out for her starring appearance at the weekend.

BRILLIANT. Watch all the way to the end. (via @girlonetrack)

Brilliant! Via Owen Blacker @owenblacker

This is the blog post that explains the Tea and Kittens Mail and Express blocker, which you can get here www.teaandkittens...

This is one of my all-time favourite pieces of writing about cats. It's by Tom Royal (@tomroyal on Twitter) who is the man behind the Tea and Kittens Mailblocker (see separate pin for that). He's a writer and blogger well worth following.

The Guardian's gallery of an animal carnival in Rio. This cat's expression says "you will die horribly, and soon, for making me wear this fucking horrible hat".

Larry the Cat marks a year at Downing Street. This was a very nice collision of clever PR by Battersea and No 10, and it gave a rather splendid cat a good home.

A wonderful cat charity - deserves more attention and funding

Update: We've smashed the target!! Thank you to everyone who contributed! This is Sarah, who has a giant vet's bill to be paid. Thanks to the amazing generosity of kind people on Twitter and Facebook, there's just £99 to go.

  • Kate Bevan

    The power of social networking - thank you to everyone who contributed to this very deserving little cat.

  • Natasha Hopkinson

    Kate,How does one upload ones own images from iphoto?

  • Kate Bevan

    I doubt there's an iPhoto plugin yet; you'll need to browse to the image on your HDD using the "upload a pin" button

  • Natasha Hopkinson

    Thanks! We need a pin app for the iPhone too.

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