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wow, the latest super beautiful 2014 Ray-Ban sunglasses!$12.99

It's pretty cool (: / tiffany OUTLET...$15! I enjoy this tiffany . Check it out!

Hello perfect eyebrows~ Eyebrow shaping tutorial

Eyebrow shaping, I don't color in my eyebrow they are naturally bushy but for those who need to .

Apparently, "The BEST drugstore mascara hands down!!!!!!! i cant believe i just discovered this!"

  • Kendra Salter

    Not that great

  • Krissy Nusky

    Lol every mascara people recommend some younique salesperson advertises! First they invade Facebook now Pinterest! I can't get away from these people!

  • ♔ Younique By Taneisha

    I'm sorry you feel that we are invading. However this is a social network and it's okay for us to recommend a product that we love other women. If you don't like the product that's okay but leaving negative comments about a product you may or may not have tried unnecessary. A lot of women love this product and they are more than happy to try something new :)

  • Marla Johnson

    Like it or not, you sound like a spammer, which isnt normally welcome on any social sites. Social networking doesnt mean you are allowed to post on anything and everything that relates to your products. The best thing to do is comment on your friends' social sites and work from there. However, its easy to assume you're merely a spammer when you have no tangible connection to the person on the other side of the screen. Good luck on your business. :)

  • ♔ Younique By Taneisha

    Business is great and I don't need to spam anybody's pictures thanks for expressing your opinion and how you feel. I love feedback ;)

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