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If you're going to dress your babies to look older might as well go the classy route. Little Audrey. :)

Drawing with Kids with the Monart Method -- Getting started. pinning now reading later.... hope this isn't some crazy method

This is a must read! Educate your children on "tricky people" not strangers....Tell them to find a mom with kids if they are ever lost...SO SMART! (I first heard this on Safety Kids.) Common sense stuff that isn't so common any more. Take a minute to read and think about how you will have these conversations with your children

30 ways to photograph your newborn... I'll be glad I saved this :)

""someone wrote:"If only more people took time to do this for their children!!! "What I love is that each morning, Charlotte and Amelia rush to their envelopes to see what we've written. The notes are sometimes a simple observation of a charitable act or a quick drawing to make them laugh. I love that Charles and I force ourselves to take a minute each evening to think about why we love our children. It's my version of Oprah's gratitude journal."" cute!

A husband with his wife during labor. I think I might cry at how beautiful this is

25 Rules for Mothers of Daughters

Absolutely HILARIOUS information about being pregnant. What no one tells you, and you should know.

cute idea for a nightlight. just use rope light.