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Art - Lesson Plans Ideas for 4-6

Art Project: Check out this printmaking project that features a secret twist!

Soft-Kut Jigsaw Print - Project #56

Emil Nolde Poppies Inspired Art Lesson for Kids
  • Laura Hoffman

    thank you Melissa...i super duper reposted your posts! fabulous ideas. thank you! laura

  • Melissa Fortenberry

    I think I'm even more addicted to pinterest than I am magazines. I'll never live long enough to try all the lesson ideas I've pinned. I find it's making me a better teacher though. My kids are getting exposed to lots cooler stuff than I could ever come up with on my own.

  • Riana Gerber

    love all your pins! thanks

  • Katrina R

    What is the technique used to do this? I'd love a step by step layout so I can recreate this with my students.

4th grade - textured landscapes. white paint on black paper

Artsonia Art Exhibit :: Textured Landscapes

glue watercolor flowers

  • Dee Beaulac

    Very nice but when one clicks on the pic there are no instructions. I thought there might be...

  • Chris Bennett

    great idea good way to learn positive negative space

  • Angela Turner

    i follow the links, but never find instructions. would love to try this

  • Maggie Moschell

    I've done something like this. I think they did watercolor flowers on paper, let dry, then drew in the shapes of the petals with white glue, which dries clear. The way I did it was the reverse: glue outlines, let dry, then watercolor or chalk pastels in between the 3-d lines. You can also color the glue with tempera paint, to make darker outlines.

  • Chris Bennett

    I also did this project. kids used warm colors for the flowers and cool colors for the background.

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