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Art - Lesson Plans Ideas for HS

HS art lesson. How to throw things at your students and get away with it.

How to Make a Mask (Plaster Cloth Method) Part 3

there used to be a place near my home where someone made huge paper mache masks like these that fit over your entire head - they were spectacular and we should have preserved them

Paper Mache Einstein Display Mask - the post shows a fast and easy way to make a simple armature for a display mask out of wet paper and plastic wrap - with or without a layer of clay.

green man mask, idea for project 2

SOLD Greenman Mask, wall sculpture

This is a sample I made to demonstrate the process of mask-making for my students. Inspiration was derived from African art, and body art from a variety of cultures. While working on this face, I was thinking about the ritual scarring practiced by many African tribes, Maori facial tattoos, and the Indian art of Mehndi. The neck coils are reminiscent of the Kayan women of Myanmar and Thailand who modify their bodies by stretching out their necks with ornamental brass coils.

Mask » Julia Sanderl

Chuck Close Grid Drawings

Make it Artwork : To Close to call

flying shoes art studio: TEACHING EXPRESSIVE LINE

flying shoes art studio: TEACHING EXPRESSIVE LINE

Great use for old panty hose and an exciting new 3D surface for kids to paint on. Needs parental/teacher involvement, as if that's a bad thing! Click through for more ideas. snibblesandbits.b...

Snibbles and Bits: Sunday Funday - Throwback lesson

The assignment: A wire panty-hose sculpture inspired by an artist. What better artist than the Art Director for the film Yellow Submarine....Heinz Edelmann!

Pre-Instructional activities for the first days of class- great for level 1 drawing students. DO THIS NEXT YEAR

More First Week Activities… 2D 1 Pre-Assessments | The Pickle Pot

Less is More: A HIgh School Studio Lesson | SchoolArtsRoom | Art Education Blog for K-12 Art Teachers

Teenagers Teach Teenagers How to Make a Stencil

cut paper portrait

Breadth Assignment 2