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Nature's Beauty

461 Pins

Nature's Beauty

  • 461 Pins

"Whipper" is a mutant parakeet with long curly feathers. ...Watch video:)

Budgies are Awesome: Whipper the Budgie

Beautiful owl

Very cool: "Last winter, when I visited my sister who lived in Italy their showerheads had fresh sprigs of Eucalyptus casually tied on. When you took a hot bath or shower, the steam made the fragrance amazing."

Pomeranian/Australian Shepard Mix. - I WANT!!!

Baby giraffe. OMG!

Born in Hawaii, Zoe is the only known captive golden zebra in existence. Woah.

Im seriously freaking out about how CUTE this fur ball is!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH

White teacup pomeranian puppy

Awwww Baby moose

Appaloosas are the most gentle, beautiful and children friendly horse breeds around!

The Amazon milk frog, a large species of arboreal frog native to the Amazon Rainforest in South America.

Family of wrinkles

Itty bitty baby owl.

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.

beautiful This is Zoe, one of the only white Zebras in existence. She has blue eyes and gold stripes


This is an eastern pygmy possum. Weighing just 15-43 grams, they're found from southern Queensland to eastern South Australia and Tasmania.

Asian Golden Cat

Tiger-striped Leaf Frog, French Guiana::


Moose Babies! I would never have guess that they were ALL legs lol

Beautiful Examples Of Night Scenes With Aurora In The Sky

Mjolnir cloud - that's Thor's Hammer to those who don't know. Not the cloud, the shape.