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Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care has a new resident. Someone dropped off this 2.5 month old at the Bear League’s doorstep in Homewood. No note or explanation was provided. According to Lake Tahoe News, “‘She is healthy. She is not emaciated. She’s a little dehydrated, but not enough to be worried about,’ Tom Millham with LTWC said.”

["Hello! My name is Fitz and I am a Holland Lop Bunneh. This is me on my first day with my new family singing "Oh, Holy Night!" on Christmas Day 2013. Thanks for listening!"] Sent in and photo taken by @Christopher Lane.

Bunday: Disapproval On Christmas?

Here I am in an UNDISCLOSED LOCATION IN THE UK, which I disapprove of.

I DO love my sketti. Tree kangaroo joey

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Mabel again, and her hoomin.

Meet Mabel the bunneh. She lives in Paris..

Guinea Pig Eating a Tomato by Randi Deuro, via Flickr

Smiling Guinea Pig by Randi Deuro, via Flickr

I must stop humans from existing... but how!?

Pygmies are North America’s smallest rabbit, with adults weighing less than a pound. Although tiny, they are tough. Their short legs can hop at speeds of 15 miles an hour. They are active year-round in temperatures ranging from below zero to more than 100 degrees F. Equipped with long claws, they are the only U.S. rabbits to dig their own burrows.

I find you guilty! Now, what's the charge? - Jonas from Dissaproving Rabbits

  • Liv Sim

    hmm..... funny how i look up "i dissaprove" and THIS came up :I pinterest ... you know me more than i know MYSELF XD

Kitt B., who found this at Zooborns, writes: “The chameleon is clinging to a toothpick! Hovering over a thimble!! With not only an adorable nose, but a look of Supreme Disapproval. It’s a twofer, how can you resist?” PHOTO CREDIT: EXMOOR ZOO