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Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime


Laff Away ยป Auto Fetch

LITERALLY eating money

Walter, my Old English Bulldog. About 2 months old.

Community Post: Walter

"What?! I can't hear you!! My human covered up my ears!"

Fluffy jellybeans. Minions of darkness. Same dif. <--- wow I pinned this pic literally 2 days ago & it already has 58 repins and 19 likes. <---Oh my God. Day #3 and this has almost become my most-pinned thing. Love for our cats never dies, right guys?

Dexie went into a catatonic state when he found the lizard on the front porch. He thinks he's tough, but he's a big squirrel-belly. ~~ Houston Foodlovers

One job, cat... I say that did it! He caught the mouse!

One job, cat... - The Meta Picture