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Tattooed girls/ legs

Beautiful woman with beautiful tattooed legs and bodies

Was gibt es schöneres als junge hübsche und zugleich tätowierte Mädchen? I love it! Wer ebenfalls auf tattoo Girls steht kann auch mal bei Yakuza Premium rein schauen, dort gibts die passende Mode für diesen Lifestyle

Illaria Pozzi

thigh tattoos.

misspyibs, the fool tarot card #art#illustration#tattoos#tattooedgirls#tattooedlegs#tarot#blackandwhite

Tattoo by Chris smith @Ultimate Skin Day Spa @chrissmithtattoos on instagram

Dreamcatcher, leg tattoo

19th century vintage floral design on my right thigh to (hopefully) help cover up my awful birthmark. will start at my hip and travel down my thigh. will end probably about 3/4 the way to my knee like in the picture. this will definitely be my biggest tattoo out of them all

Leg tattoos in an old car

Check out the awesome octopus tattoo. There is so much detail in there in areas that usually sting like a bitch, like your hip, the inner thigh, and around the knee. From there down it's not like the area is meaty either so scant relief to be had there. Brave girl :)

Old school roses tattoo (Love the placement on the hip ♥ )

You know what I need? A giant butterfly on my knee.

Tattoo starting above the knee and going up to ribs

So bold, so clean, so symmetrical.

Two knees in one week win….. Cheers Richard neil dransfield tattoo